via maven, docker, GraalVM and sfl4j-simple-lambda


This story is the following of my previous one Let’s compile your Aws Lambda in Java, I am building on it so it could be the place to start if you don’t know about GraalVM native-image or need more info on the Aws Lambda Execution Environment…


Logs are crucial in production environment and also during development but the task is not easy even in full java, even following official recommendations from AWS.

Also, as we know it is theoretically possible to compile and execute a Java Lambda to native (see Let’s compile your Aws…

via Graalvm, docker and maven


If you used Java for writing your Lambda code, you already noticed the response time can be impacted very badly by a cold start of the container behind your lambda including the startup time of the JVM.

Compiling your Lambda code to native code is a radical way to solve this problem while continuing to benefit from AWS Serverless key component — AWS Lambda. Additionally compiling to native bring other benefits like memory and cost reduction…

Unfortunately, it is not an easy task and I struggled several days and nights before succeeding. …

Frank Afriat

Founder and CTO of Solusoft.Tech, Java Expert & Architect, AWS Serverless happy user and flutter early adopter.

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